Top best Barista training institutes in Kathmandu

Top best Barista training institute in Kathmandu

Top best Barista training institutes in Kathmandu

The term “Barista” originally defines a bartender or server who professionally creates beverages such as coffee, tea, and other special drinks. Currently, Barista training specially deals with coffee making including espresso and other coffee-based beverages. In the current context, Barista training has gained a wide range of attention as the training can be useful for gaining skills and techniques without achieving formal degrees. Barista training is a fun and skillful way to expose one’s talent for hospitality and services.

Barista and coffee training has gained a wide audience in Nepal as well through its flexible and short-term course. Are you looking out for top best barista training institutes in Kathmandu for starting your training? Let’s look at them immediately!!

Himalayan Java is a popular coffee shop and franchise in Nepal with international outlets serving domestic coffee taste. Besides serving, The Himalayan Java Provides training on Barsta and baking as well to those who are interested in the field. The training packages course composes of lectures and demonstrations with 70% based on practical training. Students are also provided with internship experience as well at the Himalayan Java outlets and Central Bakery.

Contact Information

Address: Civil Mall, Kathmandu                                     

Phone: Tel: 01-5356201



Address: Tridevi Marg Thamel, Kathmandu                                     

Phone: Tel: 01-4425897

Address: Hallchowk, Pokhara                           

Phone: 9856023750

  •  9825164811

Mount Strada is another coffee shop as well as the best Barista training institute in Kathmandu offering Barista and coffee roasting training. The course comes with a total of 18 days guided by the best coffee professionals in the nation with 80 percent of Barista training Based on practical classes. The course is compiled of knowledge including the History of Coffee, Knowledge of coffee beans,  Roasting Training, Espresso equipment & its operation, Latte art, Coffee brewing equipment, and brewing methods, and many more. 

Address: Newbaneshwor 10 Bijuli Bazar, Thapa Gaun                       

Phone: +9777-015244244


National Coffee Academy is one of the best Barista training institutes in Kathmandu and the first audited disability-inclusive coffee training facility in Nepal. The Academy focuses greatly on empowering people with disabilities and promoting the Nepali coffee industry. The Academy was established in 2010 as the ‘Coffee Information Center. Currently, the Academy offers updated and professionally designed coffee training, CQI-accredited courses, Roasting & Barista classes, and SCA courses.

NCA operates separate schools for Barista training and Roasting Training with a fully disability-inclusive wheelchair-accessible training center as well. The school is a top choice for passionate learners, baristas, and job seekers. 

Address: Narephate, Koteshwor Kathmandu                     

Phone: (+977) 9843443482 

             (+977) 9851023082 


Barista Coffee School is a definite addition to the list of the best Barista training institutes in Kathmandu. The school was established in 2073 in Kathmandu and is a  member of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), which is a global organization working towards the coffee industry. The school offers varieties of courses including 15 Days Barista Class, 7 Days Barista Class, a Blended Class, and even an online class coming soon.

Address: Dillibazar, Kathmandu 

                Lazimpat, Kathmandu           

Phone: 4411023/ 9843166278/ 9818773122


Koffe Academy comes next as one of the best Barista training institutes in Kathmandu. The Academy is providing 15 days of Basic Barista Course with the help of an experienced Barista and Trainers team. The course composes of learning to prepare the drinks from a Café menu, clean and maintain the equipment, and also serve basic Latte Art.

Contact Information

Address: Prashant Galli, Kathmandu

Phone: 986-0255957

Top best Barista training institutes in Kathmandu

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So these were the top picks for our Best Barista training institutes in Kathmandu !! There are lots of institutes providing short-term Barista training programs that you can check out. Just make sure you do your proper research on the institution and the facilities they are offering. 

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