BBA course in Nepal

BBA Course In Nepal

BBA course in Nepal

There’s no doubt that BBA is such a popular course catching the attention of multiple students for their undergraduate Degree. BBA, short for Bachelor in Business Administration is an undergraduate degree for four years that focuses on business administration and its aspects like Management, Development, Finance, Marketing, Leadership, Accounting, and many more. BBA course in Nepal dives into the corners of Business Operations and is a great foundation to continue pursuing a related master’s degree as well.


Multiple renowned Colleges are offering BBA courses in Nepal with the affiliation of Multiple Universities. BBA course in Nepal has its own core subjects, materials, and curriculum structure defining its study course. Since the Program has four years which includes eight semesters, the total credit hours are 120 and this will involve theory as well as practical study tools. In this course, Individuals will be touching on subject areas of Microeconomics, IT basics, Business Law, Management,  Management Accounting, Macroeconomics, Psychology, Financial accounting, and many more.

You can check out the Course syllabus : 

  1. BBA 1st Semester Syllabus
  2. BBA 2nd Semester Syllabus
  3. BBA 3rd Semester Syllabus
  4. BBA 4th Semester Syllabus

Besides the subjects, students will also have the opportunity to cover other areas like training, seminars, field visits, projects, presentations, and many more. This will further enhance individuals’ knowledge practically and help them gain experience in business-related fields making it easier to know and understand what they are learning.

BBA course in Nepal

Eligibility for BBA course in Nepal :

To enroll in BBA, Students will have to qualify for their plus two with a minimum grade of D+ and CGPA of 1.80 or higher or simply with second division.

The next important step is to qualify CMAT test (Central Management Aptitude Test) which is a must-entrance test conducted through the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. In the test candidates will have to obtain at least 40% to qualify for the interview, admissions will also be based on the merit list of 60% CMAT, 40% interview, and percentage of Plus 2 as well. However, this applies only to Students enrolling in colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University.

Students enrolling to in Colleges affiliated with other universities do not need to go through this process.

Career Aspects:

In a big world with many opportunities especially in business, Business students can indulge themselves in many careers and professions from Managers, Analysts,  Finance Administrators, Business Administrators, Marketing Managers, Sales Officers, Digital Marketers, Budget Analysts, Marketing Trainers, and many other areas. While such Professions are always good options, many people even have their startups and businesses making them reliable entrepreneurs.

Business always plays an important role in the economic sector of a nation. So no wonder, the government has been trying to push such career aspects and fruitful ideas upon citizens. Governmental business roles are also a great competition due to their positive benefits making it another option for a good career choice for business students.


If you’re interested in pursuing your studies at BBA course in Nepal then you can further continue attending MBA graduate degree as well. BBA has been a reputed and promising course, creating a strong foundation for business enthusiasts. What are your thoughts on this particular course? Share with us.

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