Top Best BIM Colleges in Nepal you need to enroll

Top Best BIM Colleges In Nepal You Need To Enroll 2023

BIM short for Bachelor of Information Management is a four-year course introduced by Tribhuvan University with eight semesters altogether. The course is ideal for students as it deals with IT subjects and Practical Management. What makes it remarkable is its idea of developing advanced technology skills while still being capable of making practical and professional choices in business scenarios. Perfect channel for the advanced and digital world.

In this article, we will guide you to the leading BIM colleges in Nepal along with their details and facilities offered by respective colleges. So let’s immediately dive in !!

1. KIST College

KIST College is one of the top reputed and one of the best BIM colleges in Nepal, offering a four-course BIM course that aims to produce skilled graduates capable of handling business operations while using their Information technology development skills. The college offers an advanced course with non-syllabus schooling from renowned professionals focused on updating students’ knowledge while balancing practicals through research trips, training, research units, and internships.

The KIST college provides all these facilities on wide clear safe premises under strict inspections for the well-being of students. The college not only focuses on your current schooling but also helps you on your career path in IT development and the business sector for your future. So are you planning on joining the college and being a KISTian??

Contact Information

Address: Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu

Phone:  +977-01-4534990/4534178


2. THAMES International College 

Another reputed college is surely THAMES International College, which offers a year, eight-semester program and a minimum of 126 credit hours to graduate students on the BIM course. THAMES College ensures students that through this program, they can solely focus on management, business operations, human resources, and marketing along with finance.

Before enrolling, students will have to go through the Central Management Admission Test with criteria of a minimum CGPA of 1.8 in 10+2 grades with at least a D+ in all subjects. The CMAT results should also have a minimum of 40 %.

Contact Information

Address: Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Phone: 9886049919               


3. KCIMT College 

KCIMT College, another big name in schooling also offers BIM with a four-year course with a total of eight semesters. KCIMT is offering BIM targeted to focus on Information communication technology while balancing management development as well. The program highlights on development of programming skills development, data analysis, business information systems, and many more.

The college provides courses through teaching methods like lectures, presentations, case studies, seminars, practicals, and many more. To enroll in college students have to be 10+2 qualified with a minimum 2 CGPA grades and at least D+ in a single Subject.

Contact Information

Address: Mid Baneshwor, Basuki Marga, Kathmandu

Phone: +977-1-4479939 / +977-1-4481343


4. Orchid International College 

Orchid International College comes next as one of the best BIM-offering colleges in Nepal with a four-year program with eight-year semesters. In the BIM Course offered by Orchid, the college greatly focuses on IT courses along with management providing students 60% of programming and technology while the 40% includes information management skills.

Orchid College provides generous schooling with well-experienced teachers while also giving priority to practical as well as theory components. To enroll in the Orchid International College, the candidate must have qualified with a minimum Grade 1.8 on their 10+2.

Contact Information

Address: Bijyachowk, Gaushala, Kathmandu

Phone: 014579744 / 014579745


5. Asian School of Management and Technology 

Asian School of Management and Technology comes to our final list of top schools for BIM courses. The school comes with a four-year course as every other with eight semesters, totaling five-course components including Foundation Courses, Business Courses, Information Technology and Computer Courses, Elective Courses, and Internship and Summer Projects. 

The BIM program aims for students to gradually develop skills in Information technology, data management, and software analytics while making sure that they can also work on organizational management performance. Graduates can get various opportunities with the course and later can enroll in their master’s Degree Programs such as MBA, MIS, and other fields.

Contact Information

Address: Gongabu Chowk, RingRoad, Kathmandu                     

Phone: 01-5900364



What are your thoughts on this list of Best BIM Colleges In Nepal?

BIM Courses are a great opportunity to set your career path related to IT, computers, and overall business operations. While we have selected a few top and best BIM colleges in Nepal offering BIM courses, there are still other options you can check out. 

And yes if you wanna check out our other Bachelor’s field college recommendations, do not forget to check out our website!! 

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