Best Cement Factory in Nepal

A picture showing Top 5 Best cement factory in nepal

Top 5 Best Cement Factory in Nepal

Cement, the essential binding agent that solidifies to unite various construction materials, exists in a powdered form and is amalgamated with sand and water to create mortar and paste, respectively. In Nepal, two primary categories of cement are commonly utilized, namely Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Portland Pozzolana Cement.

Pioneering the domestic cement production landscape in Nepal, Himal Cement Company Limited initiated operations in 1975 AD. Today, the country boasts 124 legally registered cement manufacturing enterprises, with 65 of them already in full-fledged production.

The collective production capacity of Nepal’s cement industry stands at approximately 22 million metric tons per annum (MTPA), a figure that steadily escalates each year as new and larger firms join the sector, contributing to the nation’s burgeoning cement production landscape.

Top 5 Best Cement Factory in Nepal

  1. Hongshi Shivam Cement

A picture showing Top 5 Best cement factory in nepal

It is the largest cement factory in Nepal as per the production capacity. Production capacity of Hongshi Shivam Cement Pvt. Ltd is 6000 metric ton per day (MTPD). This company is situated at Nawalpur district of Gandaki Province. 70% stake in the company is held by Hongshi-China Company and remaining 30% stake is owned by Shivam Cement.This is a joining cement band formed with the combination of Nepal’s very own Shivam Cement and China’s Hongshi cement.

Hongshi cement is one of the largest Greenfield Cement Plant in Nepal. With the capacity to produce 6,970 Tones of Clinker per day and 6,061 TPD of Cement, we can see why this cement brand has risen to become one of the top Brands. Furthermore, they also have a relatively low energy consumption for clinker production as well which is always a good thing to have.

When two cement brands are combined to mix their good aspects and throw away their bad aspects, you naturally get a cement that is one of the best. This cement brand has two types of cement. This is one of the best cement factory in Nepal.

  1. Shivam Cement


    A picture showing Top 5 Best cement factory in nepal

Second largest factory of Nepal is Shivam Cement, which is located at Makawanpur district of Bagmati Province. It is currently producing at 3000 MTPD. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is the only produce of the company. In OPC Cement, this company has two varieties which are OPC 43 grade and OPC 53 grade. At this point in time, they have grown to become one of the largest manufacturing Green Field Projects in Nepal. This can be partially credited to their superb Technology.This is one of the best cement factory in Nepal.

By using German and Denmark Technology to standardize their output and reduce carbon emissions not are the factories of Shibvam Cement Efficient and cost-effective but environmentally friendly as well. This being said although this cement brand produces only one type of cement, they provide the best quality in that one type.

  1. Ghorai Cement
    A picture showing Top 5 Best cement factory in nepal

Ghorai Cement Industries is the third largest cement company in Nepal. Sagarmatha OPC and PPC Cement is the main brand of the company. The production capacity of the Ghorai Cement Industries is 2400 metric ton per day. This company is owned by Triveni Group in partnership with Vishal Group and situated at Ghorai City in Dang district of Lumbini Province.This is one of the best cement factory in Nepal.

Distinguished by its remarkable strength, Sagarmatha OPC cement is an exceptional high-strength cement composition, predominantly comprising an impressive 95% clinker content. It’s imperative to note that this particular product is held to rigorous quality standards and falls under the purview of “Nepal Standard 49-2041(Ordinary Portland Cement: Specification).”

The elevated 28-day compressive strength exhibited by Sagarmatha OPC renders it highly versatile and suitable for an extensive array of applications, encompassing not only general-purpose but also specialized construction projects. With its exceptional durability and robust structural integrity, Sagarmatha OPC cement emerges as a preferred choice for both conventional and specialized construction endeavors, reaffirming its prominence within the cement industry.

  1. Arghakhanchi Cement
    A picture showing Top 5 Best cement factory in nepal

Arghakhanchi Cement Limited (ACL), previously Arghakhanchi Cement Pvt. Ltd. (ACPL) is one of the largest manufacturers of OPC and PPC cement through a single production plant in the entire country.The company came into existence with an objective of establishing as well as operating separate clinker and cement manufacturing unit. The company has been producing high-quality clinkers through the use of ultra-modern Rotary Kiln technology for a decade. The use of high-quality limestone has been instrumental in ensuring super-fineness resulting into the best quality in every single particle of the products.

Recognizing the supreme quality and unmatched strength, the Government of Nepal has issued Nepal Standard Mark (NS No.: 572) to the company. The cement product of this company has also received 53 grade standards from the government, which also speaks a lot about the product’s quality. This is one of the best cement factory in Nepal. Having nationwide networks and products (OPC, PPC and clinker) delivery all over Nepal, the company, of late, has begun eying the international market. 

The aspiration has now come true with the Government of India awarding the company with IS 1489 and allowing it to sell its products in the Indian markets.Based in Siyari Rural Municipality – 2 of Rupandehi district, the clinker production plant makes use of ultra-modern Danish Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) introduced by FLSmidth Company of Denmark. Consequently, the structures where Arghakhanchi Cement has been used stand stronger and lasting.

  1. Riddhi Siddhi Cement


    A picture showing Top 5 Best cement factory in nepal

    Riddhi Siddhi Cement Pvt. Ltd., a venture between Shanker Group & Ambe Group, was established in Falgun, 2073 at Ratomate, Hetauda. Being one of the latest cement company in Nepal, we focus on production of Cement and Clinker assuring high quality. Riddhi Siddhi Cement is one of the latest cement companies in operation which provides quality products and services in Nepalese market.

    This aims to improve strength of large and small constructions through in-site testing, suggestions & recommendations and make its product available nationwide. Riddhi Siddhi Cement Pvt. Ltd is established at Makwanpur district of Bagmati Province with the joint venture between Shankar Group and Ambe Group. The total capacity of plant is 2200 metric ton per day and target to expand in future.This is one of the best cement factory in Nepal.

    In conclusion, Nepal’s cement industry has witnessed remarkable growth and development over the years, thanks to the contributions of several key players. The top five cement companies in Nepal, including Himal Cement Company Limited, have consistently demonstrated their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. These companies have not only significantly bolstered the nation’s infrastructure but have also set high standards for the industry as a whole.

    With their diverse product offerings and unwavering dedication to excellence, they continue to play a pivotal role in Nepal’s construction landscape, ensuring that the country’s building materials are of the highest caliber. As Nepal continues to advance in construction and development, these top cement companies will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of shaping its infrastructure for the better.
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