Best Consultancy In Kathmandu 2024

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Best Consultancy In Kathmandu 2024

Educational Consultancies are known for assessing paths to fulfill the exploration of students’ desired targeted universities. These Educational consultants are those organizations that help students and their families with advising about:

  • Education plans
  • Choosing the right education institutes
  • Advice and guidance for one education path

Here, we provide in-depth research information about Best Consultancy In Kathmandu such as in America, Canada, Australia, the UK, and other European countries. So, In this article, we are here to guide you to the best education consultancies in Kathmandu. Let’s look into it:

Top 5 Best Consultancy In Kathmandu

1. Nepal International Educational Consultancy

On the above list, NIEC is one of the oldest institutes and best consultancies in Kathmandu, being established in January 2001. Ever since they have flourished their business targeting overseas educational consultancy for students studying abroad.

To provide students with comprehensive support to achieve their academics. Also with professional goals through high-quality test preparation and study abroad programs. NIEC provides classes for TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, SAT 1, ACT, GRE, and GMAT making students confident in their performance.

NIEC consultancy allows individuals to choose abroad education programs from international countries like Canada, Ireland, Australia, the UK, and others.

Nepal International Educational Consultancy as Best Consultancy In Kathmandu

Contact Details 

Address: 4th Floor ShareMarket Complex, Putalisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Number: +977-01-5356600

2. Himalayan White House Education Consultancy

On the second list, Himalayan House Education Consultancy has almost 13+ years of experience. The target for Nepalese students giving special care in support, assisting them through the admission procedure and continuing throughout their tenure overseas.

They are known as the second-best consultancy providing free IELTS & visa preparation classes for those students initiating their visa process. At an affordable cost. The students will get the best option to Study in Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

Himalayan White House Education Consultancy as Best Consultancy In Kathmandu

Contact Details 

Address: Opposite to Shanker Dev Campus Putalisadak, Kathmandu
Contact Number: 01-4168309

3. Dolphin Education Consultancy Center Pvt Ltd

On the third list, we have Dolphin Education Center Pvt Ltd guide the students from the first stage to the final stage in the process. Leading them to their education destination. Their 17 years with the goal of Dolphin is to serve the students locally and internationally and expand its services worldwide.

The establishment of Dolphin Education back in 2002, helps to carve the path for the students who strived to break the shackles of geographical borders in the quest for superior higher education options. The students would be able to explore their choice in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, and China.

Dolphin Education Consultancy Center Pvt Ltd as Best Consultancy In Kathmandu

Contact Details 

Address: 4th Floor, BJ Bhawan, Pradarshani Marg, Kathmandu 44600
Contact Number: 977-01-4254282, 977-01-4223053

4. Nepal Education Consultancy 

Established in 2001, now in the fourth list of best consultancy in Kathmandu. With over 21 years of experience, they specialize in counseling destinations like Australia, the USA, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, and India.

Nepal Education Consultancy is well known for being a proud member of 2 highly esteemed education associations in Nepal.

  • Nepalese Association of Australian Education Representatives NAAER
  • International Education Representative Initiative of Nepal IERIN.

Nepal Education Consultancy as Best Consultancy In Kathmandu

Contact Details 

Address: Maha Ananga Niwas, Putalisadak
Contact Number: 015910770,015910776

5. Kathmandu Infosys Educational Consultancy

Being on the fifth list, KIEC is the best consultancy established on 19th September 2006. Guiding prospective students to find the right avenues for an International Degree. Providing outstanding exposure in the global job market is another aim of KIEC.
KIEC bridges the gap between students and international institutions which opens its door to higher learning. they are equipped with the latest and up-to-date information like:

  • Books
  • Sample test questions

They assess employment in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Ireland with their 16 years of experience.

Kathmandu Infosys Educational Consultancy as Best Consultancy In Kathmandu

Contact Details 

Address: Lalupatey Marg, Putalisadak, Kathmandu
Contact Number: +977 4531221, 01 4516197

Wanna Know Why We Need Consultancy?

  • The consultancies help provide honest guidance and process to make your process of studying abroad easier.
  • The counselor will evaluate and provide a few options that are best for you.
  • If you are planning to study abroad, there is a mandatory requirement to submit an IELTS or PTE score while applying for a student visa.
  • Securing a good test score can help you get into the university of your choice.

Get More Information!

According to our company research, a total of 416,364 students have taken NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the fiscal year 2065/66 BS to 2077/78 BS.

To pursue higher education abroad. Similarly, the number of students who took NOC in the year 2078/79 BS and 2079/80 BS is 227,780.

What are your thoughts on the Best Consultancy In Kathmandu?

So these were the top picks for our Best education consultancy in Kathmandu. These are some of the best education consultancies but you can also opt for other institutions as well. Do not forget to research their facilities and services before you look out for them.

And yes, if you wanna check out our other Consultancies’ recommendations, remember to check out our website!!

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