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Exploring holidays on Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu

Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu

Explore the world – because every journey is a story waiting to be written!

Travel the world like never before with the best international travel agency in Kathmandu. These agencies are considered the best in the sector when it comes to travel because of their unmatched service and knowledge.

Their skilled group of experts creates custom itineraries to guarantee that each journey is smooth and remarkable. Thorough preparation and close attention to detail open up a world of possibilities for visitors from the time they walk through their doors. These companies expertly accommodate a wide range of preferences, whether travellers are looking for thrilling adventures or cultural immersions.

Put your faith in the knowledge of the top professionals in the field, and let your global explorations unfold effortlessly in the heart of Kathmandu. This blog post will explore the reason why you should choose these best international travel agency in Kathmandu for your best travel experience.

Top 5 Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu

1. Gorkha International Travel

Gorkha Travel is one of the reputable and best international travel agency in Kathmandu, Nepal, having years of experience in the field. With their extensive knowledge of the area, their team of experienced specialists makes sure that every year is thoroughly planned and carried out.

They work hard to provide you with the greatest travel experiences and take pleasure in their knowledge. The organisation handles every detail, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your journey.

Gorkha International Travel as Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu

The company is dedicated to giving their customers the best possible service and the most amazing hiking adventures. Their motto – “Travelling should be an experience and an adventure which you will never forget.”

Service They Provide

It provides a large selection of trekking tours, ranging from quick and simple tours to challenging multi-day expeditions in countries like:

  • Nepal
  • Tibet
  • Bhutan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Maldives and many more European countries.

Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu of gorkha celebrating their trekking

They also provide personalised trips that match your unique requirements and preferences. They assist you with booking your travel, lodging, and other activities.
It provides a range of additional adventure sports including:

  • Mountaineering
  • Rafting
  • Kayaking
  • Jungle safari
  • Meditation and Healing
  • Volunteering Tours and many more.

2. Smile Travels

SMILE ADVENTURE AND TOURS PVT. LIMITED, comes next as a leading best international travel agency in Kathmandu located in Thamel, Nepal. It is an affiliated company of Smile Travels. They allow online reservations for both domestic and international flights and air tickets as a travel agency.

Smile Travels as Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu card

They have been offering both group and individual services. The objective is to deliver exceptional services to clients in a timely and exclusive manner. The government of Nepal’s Ministry of Tourism has approved Smile Adventure and Tours Pvt. Ltd as a travel agency.

Services They Provide

  • Flight Ticketing (main services they offer)
  • They provide affordable domestic and international tickets for almost more than 10 countries across the world.
  • The three primary internet booking systems they utilise for airline tickets are Amadeus, Galileo and Abacus.
  • All type of hotel reservations
  • Adventure and tours
  • Culture and Nature tour
  • Hiking
  • Jungle safari
  • Trekking and many more

3. Rupakot Holidays

Rupakot Holidays is a must in the list for best international travel agency in Kathmandu where the world’s wonders meet the spirit of adventure. The company has embraced the spirit of exploration and the wild beauty of the Himalayas since its establishment in the heart of Nepal in 2007.

Rupakot Holidays as Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu

Their visitors have grown to be like family over the years, helping them to better understand the needs and preferences of travellers. Small, intimate group sizes demonstrate their dedication to making every Rupakot Holidays experience worthwhile. Their events go above and beyond the norm, attracting people with a wide range of interests.

Services They Provide

  • Their speciality is the mountains; they are familiar with and adore this wild, and natural environment.
  • The firm, with years of experience as an outdoor operator, creates thrilling encounters in stunning and inaccessible locations like:
    • Nepal
    • Holidays In bhutan
    • Tibetan Paradise
    • Thailand Tour
    • Dubai
    • Indonesia-Bali
    • Malaysia and Singapore Tour

4. Summit International Tours And Travels (P.) LTD.

One of the leading international agencies of Nepal and considered as best international travel agency in Kathmandu is Summit International Tours and travels. The team has been trekking in Nepal for more than 16 years. Before becoming owners of the business, each had to earn their way up to become tour guides. They provide the sector with an incredible amount of experience along with thorough industry knowledge.

Summit International Tours And Travels (P.) LTD

Their ability to provide personal attention to service has allowed them to expand and grow. Although anyone can reserve a tour, not everyone possesses their level of expertise and experience.

Services They Provide

  • The business offers high-quality services at a very affordable cost.
  • It offers services 24/7.
  • It offers all kinds of trekking and travel packages to countries like:
    • Nepal
    • Bhutan
    • Tibet
    • India
    • Thailand and many other countries.

Summit International Tours hiking place as Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu


5. Trekking Planner

It would be unfair to discuss one of the best international travel agency in Kathmandu without including the Trekking Planner. The company motivates their travellers: “Live like there’s no tomorrow.”

Trekking Planner as Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu

The organisation has been fulfilling the goals of a wide variety of adventure seekers worldwide for over 20 years. Trekking is a field that has seen many incredibly passionate contributions made to it, and the adventure itself is one of achievement. All epic things begin with little steps and result in something spectacular.

The organisation offers a fleet of dedicated staff members and tour guides who also speak a number of languages fluently, including German, French, and English.

Services They Provide

  • Adventure specialist for small groups – Personalised attention and care.
  • Whole Risk Management – Consistent-Reliable-Trustworthy.
  • Witty and fast customer service – Always there for you.
  • 10% off any trip for repeat customers- Unique Value Benefit.
  • They cater to every budget No booking fees as a travel agency.
  • It takes last-minute reservations.
  • Destinations like:
    • Nepal
    • Bhutan
    • India
    • Tibet
    • Thailand
    • Himalayan
    • Multi-Countries Tour.

Best International Travel Agency In Kathmandu trekking planer groups


In Nepal, all the best international travel agency in Kathmandu offers exceptional experiences by effectively combining cultural knowledge with individualised attention. The agencies mentioned above are our top picks and notable for their attentiveness to client needs, thorough itineraries, and well-informed guides. These tour companies are experts at designing trips that highlight Nepal’s and many other countries magnificent scenery and rich cultural legacy, guaranteeing that visitors will return with lifelong memories.

For more guidance and information on travel companies of Nepal, do visit our website.

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