Top Best Pre-school in Lalitpur 2024

Top Best Pre-school in Lalitpur

Top Best Pre-school in Lalitpur

The Montessori education system is growing widely in Nepal for a reason. The schooling method extensively focuses on developing a positive attitude toward learning in children. Shaping their skills from all factors as well. The schooling encourages flexible learning rather than conventional grade methods to enhance real-life skills with first-hand experience.

It must be hard for parents to choose the right Montessori schools for their toddlers as these schools will be the first-ever education foundation. So the right education schools are required with the right learning environment. So in this article, we will guide you to the best pre-school in Lalitpur.

Top 5 Best Pre-School in Lalitpur

1. Kinderpillar Preschool 

Kinderpillar School is one of the best pre-school in Lalitpur that is actively providing a strong educational foundation to children with top facilities and mentors to guide them.

The school encourages a 3-way Communication Policy where the school has an open communicative process with parents and guardians to update and inform them about their child’s learning process.

Kinderpillar Preschool as Top Best Pre-school in Lalitpur

Contact Information

Address: Bakhundole, Lalitpur


2. Euro kids 

Eurokids, another international brand in Nepal, is definitely on the list of the best pre-schools in Lalitpur in 2024. Euro Kids is a brand operated by Euro Kids International Ltd in India and has been operating preschools in many countries.

The school proudly discusses its mission of engaging children in a wide range of learning experiences. Also guiding them to reach their full potential in gaining skills and knowledge. The preschool also shares its motto ‘PLAYING, LEARNING AND ENJOYING EVERY MINUTE’ as its ideal way to promote its best preschool learning.

Euro kids as Top Best Pre-school in Lalitpur

Contact Information

Address: Dhobighat, Lalitpur


3. Shemrock Preschool 

Shemrock comes next for the top best preschools in Lalitpur in 2024 being one of the oldest Preschool Chains in India with over 550 branches across India, Nepal & Bangladesh.

The school chain carries the honor of being one of the most awarded School chains with more than 100 years of Cumulative Experience. Playschool is based on playful learning with a safe and interactive environment where every child can learn and participate in gaining knowledge.

hemrock Preschool as Top Best Pre-school in Lalitpur

Contact Information

Shemrock Shikshalaya

Address: Hattiban, Kharibot, Lalitpur


Shemrock Varnamala

Address: Bhainsepati, Lalitpur, Nepal.


Shemrock Keen Kiddies

Address:Chakupat, Lalitpur,


4. Maple Bear Canadian school

Maple Bear Canadian School adds to our list of top best pre-school in Lalitpur that offer preschool, Elementary, and Infant care programs in over 20 countries.

The Maple Bear South Asia brand has covered South Asian countries with more than 7000 students. The school promotes children’s learning environment that is safe and exploring at the same time with the Bare care programs. These curricula are developed through their Canadian team of experts and educators.

Maple Bear Canadian school as Top Best Pre-school in Lalitpur

Contact Information

Address: Nakhipot, lalitpur


5. Aksharaa Kindergarten 

Akshara Kindergarten is another of top best pre-school in Lalitpur which aims to continuously provide age-appropriate theme-based integrated curriculums.

The school follows the Learning-Reinforcement-Practice-Application (LRPA) module to equip:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social development fosters
  • The school promotes fun-filled activities guided by qualified and trained teachers with Strong collaboration between parents as well.

Aksharaa Kindergarten  as Top Best Pre-school in Lalitpur

Contact Information

Address: Jawalakhel, Lalitpur


Get to know why your child needs Pre-school

Firstly, your child has the unique ability to capture their surroundings with effective skills. So understanding their knowledge must be done with patience and consistency in letting your child interpret the knowledge from his or her surroundings.

Secondly, providing them the basic education as well as being parents is your responsibility. On assisting your child to admission to the best preschool. We have mentioned the Top 5 Best Pre-schools in Lalitpur.

Thirdly, nurturing your child’s curiosity with valuable examples and helping your child with their assignment. Teaching them to cultivate good behavior which later helps them in the long run. In your child’s cognitive and physical development socialization is needed as part of the learning aspect.

In preschool, your child learns to foster higher emotional and academic knowledge with the help of respective educators. So your child must become part of preschool at the right time as per the age i.e 3 years old.

Encouraging your children to analyze, question, and reflect on what your child learns. It is extremely important for sustaining. Critical thinking enhances problem-solving abilities and prepares your children to face real-world challenges. So, we have provided you with the Top 5 Best Pre-schools In Lalitpur In 2024. They are mentioned above.


What are your thoughts on the Best Pre-school in Lalitpur?

So these were the top picks for our Top Best Pre-school in Lalitpur. While these are a few selected top schools, there are still other options you can check out. Just make sure you do your proper research on the institution and the facilities they are offering.

And yes if you wanna check out our other Top Best Pre-school In Lalitpur recommendations, remember to check out our website!!

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