Best Skin Treatment in Kathmandu 2024

Best Skin Treatment in Kathmandu

Skin treatment holds a wide range of procedures and consists of medical and cosmetic interventions for the improvement of skin functions and appearance. When you purchase a good skin product, it directly helps your skin to be in good condition. Were you aware of what poor-quality skin care products do to your skin? If you aren’t, your skin will get allergic reactions such as big rashes, infections, and clogged pores causing breakouts. So, do purchase some good skincare products by consulting a qualified dermatologist.

Everybody has unique features, color complexion but the skin care process is sequential which includes:

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

These are the routines you can follow to achieve your desired result. As per our company research, “In Volza`s Nepal Import Data, almost 638 were imported by Nepali Importers from 481 suppliers. Mostly, Nepal imports cosmetic beauty products from India, Germany and Poland.” In the blog post, you will get information about the best skin treatment in Kathmandu.

Top 5 Best Skin Treatment in Kathmandu

1. Cutis Care

In the first option, we provide you with the best skin treatment in Kathmandu. Their main focus is assisting service with the best ultra-modern skin care solution. The advanced facility with qualified dermatologists provides the best experience. The given instruction is customized in –

  • Dermatology
  • Aesthetic dermatology
  • Dermato-surgery
  • STIs
  • Leprosy
  • Hair transplant with a focus on medical solutions repairing problems.

To be known, Dr. Karn began his journey in dermatology in 2004. Then he trained for his postgraduate studies at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India. With the basic and advanced training in dermatology and dermato-surgery. When you get better treatment from a skilled dermatologist the majority of your skin issues will be minimized. They are located in Mid-Baneshwor, Nepal.

Cutis Care as  Best Skin Treatment in Kathmandu

2. Dr. Prathana`s Skin & Cosmetic Clinic

On the second option, we have Dr.Prarthana`s Skin & Cosmetic Clinic. With the slogan “Grow your skin with the power of our treatment”. They take a holistic approach to skincare, addressing also external factors such as lifestyle, genetics, and surroundings.

They provide services in hydra facial and dark circle treatment. They are located in Thapagaun, Bhakti Thapa Sadak, Kathmandu. We offer a wide range of advanced treatments and therapies tailored to your specific needs. Such as acne, aging skin, pigmentation issues, or any other skin-related condition. They are known to assist with the best skin treatment in Kathmandu.

Dr. Prathana`s Skin & Cosmetic Clinic as  Best Skin Treatment in Kathmandu

3. Elara Clinic

On the third option, you will get Elara Clinic. Their commitment to assisting the exceptional skin care service with the advanced technology and skilled specialists. Monitoring the client’s satisfaction and supporting every step along. With affordable and cost-effective treatments they provide you with the best possible care and guidance in skin care.

Additionally, Dr. Pramod and Dr. Muna are two experienced with 11 to 6 years in the field of dermatology. When you consult with an expert dermatologist, you will get an overview of the in-depth skin issue. Furthermore, they are located at Baluwatar Chowk, Kathmandu. Do consult with them and get the best skin treatment solution in Kathmandu.

Elara Clinic as  Best Skin Treatment in Kathmandu

4. Aesthetica Aura

On the fourth option, we provide you with Aesthetica Aura located at Sankhamul Marg, Baneswhor, Kathmandu. This clinic gives you the in-depth process of analyzing your skin condition. It includes diagnosis, treatment, and management of various medical conditions. Also known for giving the best skin treatment in Kathmandu. That covers concerns of acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, fungal infections, and more. They provide a wide range of services in:

  • Skin and Hair treatment
  • Microneedling
  • Warts Removal
  • Hydrafacial
  • Hair transplant
  • Laser hair removal
  • Chemical Peeling and many more.

Aesthetica Aura as  Best Skin Treatment in Kathmandu

5. Skin Clinic By Dr.Jebina Lama

On the fifth option, we provide you with a skin clinic by Dr. Jebina Lama. Their main mission is expanding the role of traditional skin care and cultivating them as a form of art. They specialize in face and body beautification. With skilled dermatologists, they help in addressing the issue. Prioritizing the client’s satisfaction and desired skin appearance.

To be known, Dr, Jebina Lama is a board-certified dermatologist in specialized cosmetics treatments. Also specializing in clients’ natural appearances with the proper portion on stimulating the collagen, and pigmentation correction. By utilizing safe and modern methods to extend the solution. They are known to provide the best skin treatment in Kathmandu.

 Skin Clinic By Dr.Jebina Lama as Best Skin Treatment in Kathmandu


Best Skin Treatment Products in Nepal

Basically, in a skincare routine, the four cores include Cleanser, Exfoliant, Moisturizer, and lastly SPF. You can add serum as well to your routine as per your need. When you follow the basic steps then you can ultimately achieve your desired skin results. The visible result may differ from every person’s skin type but consulting with a skilled dermatologist briefly gives you the ideas to implement a skin care routine with customized products.

The skin care treatment products based in Nepal are as:

  1. Derma Co Creamy Cleanser
  2. The Derma Co 10% Niacinamide serum
  3. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream
  4. Fixderma Shadow SPF 50+ Cream
  5. Ekran Aqua Gel
  6. The Derma Co 2% Alpha Arbutin Face Serum
  7. Mamaearth Aqua Glow Gel Face Moisturizer
  8. Glutafin Face Wash

Skin Care Treatment Steps

Mostly, the steps on skin treatment include altogether 6 steps. However, the skin routine steps may differ as per people’s skin treatment.

  • Step 1: Cleansing
  • Step 2: Exfoliating (once in a week)
  • Step 3: Mask (once in a week)
  • Step 4: Toner/ Serum
  • Step 5: Moisturizing cream
  • Step 6: SPF Cream

Skin Care Treatment Steps 


Skin treatment is an important aspect of overall health and well-being. Effective skin treatment aims at addressing various concerns such as acne, aging, pigmentation issues, and many more. Consulting with qualified dermatologists prescribes the best-customized skin products. Hence, purchasing good skin care products and effective consultation is essential for achieving the desired results in best skin treatment in Kathmandu.

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