Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal

Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal

In the 21st century advanced technology, the transportation of cars has been the easiest to commute to work. In terms of purchasing cars, there is a wide range of options people can choose as per their choice. Each of the cars has its price, engine, brand, power, torque, and many more.

To be known, cars enhance the quality of our lives by offering convenience, mobility, and freedom of movement. They simplify daily routines, save time, and provide opportunities for leisure, recreation, and personal fulfillment. According to our company research, “In the fiscal year 2076- 2077 around NRS. 61.30 billion worth of vehicles were imported in Nepal.”

With the concept of “ Simplicity is the best ”, In this blog post there are the top 5 best cars under 40 lakhs in Nepal. You can get valuable knowledge about it.

List of Best Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal

1. Hyundai Grand i10

Hyundai Grand i10 is the first best choice for purchasing under 40 lakhs in Nepal. The new Projector Headlamps & Fog lamps enhance the visibility with chrome surround. It also perfectly blends functionality with the sporty design character.

With an additional touch of bold exterior styling has been crafted to perfection. The outcome of a permanent impression is greatly complemented by unique boomerang-shaped LED DRLs.

Hyundai Grand i10 as Best Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal


  • Engine: 1.2L Kappa Dual VTVT Petrol Engine
  • Max Power: 83 PS @ 6000 rpm
  • Max Torque: 11.6 kgm @ 4000 rpm
  • Displacement: 1197 cc
  • Transmission: 5-speed Manual/Smart Auto AMT
  • Kerb Weight: 998 kg
  • Price: NPR 25 TO 30 Lakhs

2. Datsun Redi- GO

Datsun Redi- GO is the second best option car under 40 lakhs in Nepal. The features include a radical new design, giving a bolder and more stylish approach.

In the interior section, the quality is accentuated through dual-tone door trim panels and premium fabric seat covers.

Datsun Redi- GO as Best Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal


  • Engine: 1.0 L Petrol Engine
  • Max Power: 67.05bhp at 5550 rpm
  • Max Torque: 91 Nm at 4250 rpm
  • Displacement: 999cc
  • Transmission: 5-speed Manual
  • Kerb Weight: 650 kg
  • Price: NPR 24 lakhs to NPR 25 lakhs

3. TATA Tiago

With the classic premium design, especially with the contrasting black roof. It is known as the third best option to purchase a car under 40 lakhs in Nepal. The addition to a modern attitude with a sporty design. Moreover, it gets the signature Tata tri-arrow design front grille.

TATA Tiago as Best Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal


  • Engine : 1.2L, 3-Cylinder, Revotron Petrol
  • Max Power: 1.2L, 3-Cylinder, Revotron Petrol
  • Max Torque: 86 PS @ 6000 rpm
  • Displacement: 113 Nm @ 3300 rpm
  • Transmission: 5-Speed MT, 5-Speed AT
  • Kerb Weight: 982 – 991 kg
  • Price: NPR 24 lakhs to NPR 37 lakhs

4. Suzuki Alto 800

In the third option, you can get the best practical small, compact car designed primarily for urban commuting and short-distance travel cars purchased under 40 lakhs in Nepal. Despite its small size, the Alto 800 offers a comfortable and practical interior. It features:

  • Adjustable seating
  • Ample storage space
  • Modern amenities
  • Such as air conditioning
  • Power windows, and a multimedia system.

Suzuki Alto 800 as Best Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal


  • Engine: Petrol
  • Max Power: 35.3KW@6000rpm (~ 47.3bhp@6000rpm)
  • Max Torque: Petrol: 69 Nm@3500rpm
  • Displacement: 5 Speed MT
  • Transmission: 5-speed MT
  • Kerb Weight: 965 kg
  • Price: NPR 18 lakhs to NPR 29 lakhs.

5. Nissan Magnite

In the last option, we have the best cars under 40 lakhs in Nepal known for sleek LED headlights residing in the signature Nissan grille. The front bumper holds the L-shaped LED, DRLs, and fog lamps. The additional notable features of the SUV includes:

  • Integrated roof rails
  • Roof spoiler
  • 16-inch alloy wheels
  • Split tail lights
  • Side cladding.

Nissan Magnite as Best Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal


  • Engine: SUV
  • Max Power: 71 bhp @ 6250 rpm
  • Max Torque: 96 Nm @ 3500 rpm
  • Displacement: 999 cc
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Kerb Weight: 1039 kg
  • Price: NPR 36 lakhs to NPR 40 lakhs

Benefits of Purchasing Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal

1. Budget Constraints

Many individuals and families have limited budgets and prioritize affordability when purchasing a car. Searching for those vehicles that fit within their financial means without causing strain on their finances is the best option.

2. Cost of Ownership

Affordable cars typically come with lower purchase prices, and reduced costs associated with insurance, maintenance, repairs, and fuel consumption.

3. Financial Responsibility

Prioritizing the financial responsibility and avoiding overspending on luxury or high- end vehicles can create balance in the financial aspects.

4. Practicality

For many individuals, a car is primarily a means of transportation rather than a status symbol. When you prioritize practicality, choose affordable cars that meet your basic transportation needs.

5. Value for Money

Buyers seeking affordable vehicles that offer the best balance of cost and benefits within the budget.

6. Avoiding Debt

Purchasing an affordable car can help you to avoid taking on excessive debt or financial obligations, minimize the need for financing and reduce the risk of financial strain or default.

7. Lifestyle and Preferences

Some individuals simply prefer the simplicity and affordability of basic cars over more expensive options. But when you can prioritize spending on other aspects of their lives, such as housing, education, travel, or savings.

8. Environmental Considerations

Affordable cars often tend to be more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly compared to larger, more expensive vehicles. So prioritizing environmental sustainability and opting for affordable, fuel-efficient models reduce the carbon footprint.

Benefits of Purchasing Cars Under 40 Lakhs in Nepal

Want To Get More Information For Cars Under 40 Lakhs?
Affordable cars have better Fuel Efficiency

Many affordable cars are designed with fuel efficiency in mind, which can save you money on fuel expenses in the long run.

They are easier to Replace

If the car gets damaged or stolen, replacing a reasonably priced car is generally less financially burdensome than replacing a luxury or high-end vehicle.


Grab a cars under 40 lakhs in nepal and have a safe ride


Affordable cars play a crucial role in enhancing mobility, accessibility, and economic opportunities for individuals and market communities in Nepal. The contribution to the country’s social and economic development will directly enhance the environmental impact of transportation in Nepal.

In the aspect of the growing interest in sustainability and environmental conservation, there is an opportunity to promote affordable cars mentioned above about the top 5 best cars under 40 lakhs In Nepal. The cars under 40 lakhs In Nepal offer practical solutions for individuals and families across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. The demand for affordable cars in Nepal is driven by several factors, including budget-friendly, cost of ownership, practicality, and value of money.

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