Arko Store, Your one Best Platform to exchange your old Home appliances 

exchange in arko store 2023

Exchange in Arko Store, Your No 1 Best platform for old Home appliances

Have you ever been confused about what to do with your old Gadgets and Home Appliances?? A lot of us have the habit of Dumping such machines and getting ourselves a new one. But now with the Dashain approaching our door steps is a must to gift ourselves a new gadget for a convenient lifestyle. Well if you are thinking about how to bid your farewell on your old rusty Appliances, Arko Store is your saver.

How to Exchange in Arko Store??

exchange process in arkostore

Arko Store is an Exchange Platform for Customers to Exchange their old phones and appliances such as refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, and many more with Partner brands Himstar and Samsung. You can easily take advantage of the platforms and get yourself a brand-new Gadget through simple steps. To exchange in Arko store all you have to do is visit the official website and click on exchange appliances. Then after, provide your old home appliances details by choosing product category TV, refrigerator, washing machine or AC.

Once done choose any product that might be of your interest and complete the evaluation details where you can check out the discounted amount as well.  Once done you will receive a unique token valid for 7 days, which you will have to provide while purchasing the model from your nearest Samsung or Himstar retail stores. You can get your brand new product after exchanging your old model. Your product will be delivered as per the store timeline and then the process of exchange in arko store will be completed.

The overall idea is based on Arko store’s approach on the principles of sustainability, innovation, customer-centricity, and social impact. The idea of creating a customer centric approach with the help of user-friendly process and maintaining environment sustainability is the objective of the company. Exchange in ArkoStore and control e-waste while getting yourself a new one.

You can also check their official Exchange Process as well. Check out our website for similar tech and gadgets updates.

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