Helmet Price in Nepal 2024 : Safety Above All

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Helmet Price in Nepal: Safeguarding Your Journey

In the bustling streets of Nepal, where the roar of motorcycles and the honking of vehicles create a symphony of urban life, one essential element stands between a secure journey and unforeseen danger – the helmet. Helmets have become synonymous with safety on the roads, protecting riders from life-threatening head injuries.

As we dive into the world of helmet prices in Nepal, we will explore the various options available to ensure your travels are safeguarded.

Helmet Price in Nepal: What to Expect?

Helmets in Nepal come in various styles and price ranges. Whether you’re looking for a basic yet reliable option or a high-end helmet with advanced features, Nepal’s markets have something for everyone. Explore our in-depth guides to the best helmet options available, where we’ll provide insights into their features, benefits, and how they cater to your specific needs.

Stay tuned as we dive into the realm of helmet choices, sharing details on popular models, their prices, and why they are essential for riders in Nepal.

Best Helmet Price in Nepal

1. Steelbird SBA-1 HF Helmet

When it comes to safeguarding your rides in Nepal, the Steelbird SBA-1 HF helmet stands as a reliable choice. Crafted with a high-impact ABS shell, it offers a multi-layer EPS for enhanced safety, incorporating European standards.

Steelbird SBA-1 HF Helmet Best Helmet Price in Nepal

Price in Nepal: Rs 4,500

This helmet is designed for comfort, featuring a hygienic interior with multipore padding and a neck protector, ensuring a snug fit. The built-in AIR BOOSTER system promotes effective ventilation, allowing you to breathe freely during your journeys. Moreover, the Steelbird SBA-1 HF comes with an anti-scratch coated visor, a quick-release visor mechanism, and an odourless mouth guard, making it an excellent choice for riders looking for safety and style in Nepal.

2. Vega Bolt Octopus

When it comes to a trustworthy companion for your journeys, the Vega Bolt Glossy Black Full Face Helmet takes the lead. Designed with a high-impact ABS shell and an aerodynamic touch, it provides a robust shield for riders.

Vega Bolt Octopus Best Helmet Price in Nepal

Price in Nepal: Rs 4,800

This helmet is all about safety, being both DOT and ISI certified, ensuring it meets international safety standards. The metallic quick-release silent buckle adds an extra layer of convenience, making it easy to put on and take off.

What’s more, the Vega Bolt is designed for comfort and cleanliness, featuring a removable and washable lining that resists odors. The scratch-resistant and UV-resistant optical polycarbonate visor ensures a clear view of the road. With multiple vents and a spoiler, it offers excellent airflow, even during long rides.

3. Royal Jocker Helmet

When you’re on the road, safety and style are paramount, and the Royal Jocker Helmet excels in both areas. This helmet is a product of an ISO-certified company, Royal Helmets, known for its commitment to safety and quality.

Royal Jocker Helmet

Price in Nepal: Rs 6,000

The Royal Jocker Helmet comes with a medium spliter and unique double visor feature, offering both clear and smoked visors. With two size options, 580mm and 600mm, you can choose the perfect fit for your comfort. For those who demand the highest quality, a mercury visor is available for an additional cost of NPR 1000.

4. Steelbird SBH-17 Robot Terminator

The Steelbird SBH-17 Robot Terminator is a top-notch helmet designed for safety and comfort. With a high-impact ABS shell and multi-layer EPS for added safety, it features an AIR BOOSTER ventilation system and innovative airflow design. The interior, with hygienic padding, is comfortable and anti-allergenic.

Steelbird SBH-17 Robot Terminator 


Price in Nepal: Rs 3,800

This helmet is not only about safety; it also offers an anti-scratch coated visor, quick-release mechanism, and a wide range of colors to choose from. Plus, its unique anti-bacterial coating won’t affect your hair growth. It’s the ideal choice for riders seeking protection without sacrificing comfort and style. This product is also considered as one of best helmet price in Nepal.

5. Vega Crux Dual Visor

The Vega Crux Dual Visor Black Helmet is your go-to choice for safety and style. Constructed with a high-impact ABS shell, it’s ISI certified for your peace of mind. The dual visor design and modular features make it versatile and comfortable to wear.

Vega Crux Dual Visor

Price in Nepal: Rs 4,300

With a polycarbonate plastic shell, it meets Snell quality certification standards. It’s the ideal helmet for those who prioritize safety without compromising on comfort and convenience.

6. LS2 Stream II Nardo

The LS2 Stream II Nardo helmet is a top choice for safety and comfort. It features a Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shell in three different sizes to ensure the perfect fit. The micrometric chin strap offers easy and secure fastening, while reflective elements enhance safety in low-light conditions.

LS2 Stream II Nardo

Price in Nepal: Rs 11,999

The multi-density EPS provides excellent impact protection, and the UV and scratch-resistant Pinlock ready visor keeps your vision clear. Additionally, it comes with a built-in inner sun visor, chin curtain, breath deflector, and a hypoallergenic, breathable, removable, and washable lining for added comfort. This helmet is ECE 22.06 certified, making it a reliable choice for riders.

7. LS2 Drifter Jeans Titanium Modular

The LS2 Drifter Jeans Titanium Modular helmet offers a blend of safety and versatility. It’s constructed with a Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA) shell in two shell sizes, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. Reflective elements enhance safety by improving visibility in various conditions.

LS2 Drifter Jeans Titanium Modular

Price in Nepal: Rs 12,499

The micrometric chin strap allows for easy and secure fastening. With a multi-density EPS, this helmet provides reliable impact protection. It features a removable helmet peak and a UV and scratch-resistant retractable sun visor for added convenience. The chin section is also removable, and the hypoallergenic, breathable, removable, and washable lining ensures comfort. With ECE 22.06 certification, this helmet is a trusted choice for riders.

For more updates on helmet price in Nepal and other automobile-related information, visit our website. We keep you informed about the latest trends and options to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

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