List of Best IT Colleges in Nepal – 2023

it colleges in nepal

List of Top IT Colleges in Nepal – 2023

There are many great IT colleges in Nepal. Most of the colleges provide a wide range of academic courses and programs. Some of the top colleges are affiliated under Purbanchal University, Pokhara University, Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University. The IT program is one of the most trending courses in Nepal whose popularity is gaining heights. With Nepal being listed as one of the best rising countries in IT manpower, the popularity of IT courses in Nepal has taken a leap leading to establishment of many IT colleges in Nepal. 

Here we have prepared a list of Top IT Colleges In Nepal:


  1. Divya Gyan College
    Divya Gyan College is a modern education facility helmed by an expert IT team, promoting professional learning and software development. Affiliated with Tribhuvan University, its Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) program offers students the unique opportunity to “earn while they learn” under apprenticeship—allowing them to gain real-world exposure which can potentially lead to internship and job opportunities within some associated Nepalese software companies before completing their studies.
  2. Deerwalk Institute of Technology (DWIT)
    Deerwalk Institute of Technology is a revolutionary collaboration between Nepalese entrepreneurs and the renowned software firm, Deerwalk INC. The college brings together professionals from both countries to offer quality education rooted in technical excellence. By equipping future engineers with capable skillsets, DWIT seeks to prepare its students for worldly opportunities in an ever-changing globalized work environment. Programs Offered: B.Sc.CSIT and BCA
  3. Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce
    Softwarica College is blazing a trail in Nepal, joining hands with the renowned Coventry University of UK to offer students quality British education. With this innovative collaboration, it’s paving the way for an enriched educational experience and brighter future prospects for its learners – equipping them with the skillset and knowledge needed to reach new heights. Programs Offered: BSc (Hons) Computing and BSc (Hons) Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity
  4. Amrit Science Campus
    ASC is a premier college in Kathmandu, Nepal acclaimed for its excellent ranking and dual specialization programs that offer both computer science and technology. Each year it welcomes 108 talented students to pursue degrees in Information Technology, equipping them with the capabilities of advancing their future career opportunities. Programs Offered: B.Sc.CSIT
  5. Asian School of Management and Technology (ASM)
    ASM is dedicated to equipping a new generation of IT professionals with the skills needed for success. We offer affordable, top-tier education in both undergraduate and graduate programs that combines exemplary academic rigor with an enriching learning environment geared towards producing confident leaders within management and technology industries.
    Programs Offered: B.Sc. CSIT, BCA and BIM
  6. Islington College
    Islington College is pioneering Nepal’s IT education, ascending to the forefront of academic institutions by providing its students with access to a UK university undergraduate curriculum. This trailblazing college has entered into partnerships with London Metropolitan University and other leading foreign universities in both Singapore and the United Kingdom. Offering outstanding international degree programs, Islington College continues to challenge educational standards around the world!
    Programs Offered: BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technologies, MSc IT & Applied Security, BSc (Hons) Computing, BSc (Hons) Computer Networking & IT Security and BIT Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology

This sums of our list of top IT colleges in Nepal. Looking for top-notch education, experienced faculty and extraordinary facilities? Our list of top IT colleges in Nepal offers an ideal list of top colleges, well researched – offering students the opportunity to gain valuable degrees from some of the best universities alongside a stimulating yet supportive learning environment. For more information about different schools, colleges & universities in Nepal, visit our website. Best of luck with your career in IT. 

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