List of Top MBS Colleges in Kathmandu – 2023

mbs colleges in kathmandu

List of Top MBS Colleges in Kathmandu – 2023

There are many excellent MBS colleges in Kathmandu. Most of the MBS colleges in Kathmandu provide a wide range of course curricula and programs. Some of the top MBS colleges in Kathmandu affiliate under Tribhuvan University. When it comes to researching top MBS colleges in Kathmandu, Online News Of Nepal is undoubtedly the top source as our top team of business research analyst and research experts have created this list for everyone’s reference. 

Here we have prepared a list of Top MBS Colleges In Kathmandu:


  1. Thames International College

    Thames International College is one of the top colleges in Kathmandu offering an MBS program. Thames is regarded as one a well-decorated educational institution. And that is because they offer a wide range of engaging programs within their course. It is located in Baneshwor, which is a common hub for most of the students from different parts of the country. As seen in the past, the students who enroll for MBS courses in Thames get good career exposure and that is why Thames is easily our top MBS college in Kathmandu. 
  2. Global College of Management (GCM)

    Global College of Management (GCM), is a highly reputed organization that earned its name in a short span. The MBS program in Global College is highly regarded as one of the best in Kathmandu. The faculties, accomplished scholars, researchers, guest lecturers, business leaders, and experts running the curriculum are highly renowned. And that is why Global College Of Management can be easily ranked 2nd for MBS courses in Kathmandu. 
  3. Kathmandu Model College

    Kathmandu Model College (KMC) lies in the student’s hub in Kathmandu and is located in Bagbazar. It was established in 2000. KMC is considered one of the top colleges in the country, regardless of any program it provides and this is why we can list KMC as one of the best choices for the MBS program in Kathmandu. The college has been successful in carving out its place as one of the best colleges in the country through its reputation, expansion, vision, and the network of professors they have. 
  4. Nepal Mega College

    MEGA College, located in Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal, is a prominent institution that aims to provide affordable, high-quality education to students from all backgrounds, and to develop them into responsible citizens who can serve their country. The college has been a leader in higher education since its founding, offering a variety of academic programs and ample opportunities to its students.
  5. Kathmandu BernHardt College
    Bernhardt College is one of the oldest colleges in Nepal which was established in 2003 AD. Bernhardt has been successful to establish their name in the hearts of many with their unique education system that is highly appreciated by many. They have also set a benchmark through which most of the colleges have taken reference for how education is to be provided. And comes their MBS courses which have produced some great students over the years. Their strong network is a key to their success and their education modality.

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This sums up our list of top MBS colleges in Kathmandu. You can also see some of the top MBS Colleges in Nepal here. Click here if you would like to see more list of Top colleges in Nepal.

So if you are wondering or looking to pick one of the Best MBS colleges in Kathmandu, you can easily consider our list as it has been closely observed, researched, and listed.

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