Mobile exchange in Nepal- Best Guide For 2024

mobile exchange in nepal

Mobile exchange in Nepal

Buying new smartphones as per your choice is a genuine action for people. Exchanging your old ones with another smartphone of your choice is another clever way to benefit yourself with a new one. There are many platforms to exchange your smartphones, be it official retail stores, or mobile exchange service providers. Mobile exchange can be beneficial for those who have problems with their smartphones due to several factors. 

The second-hand market for smartphones or any other devices has been famous for a very long time. Sites like Hamro Bazar, Mero second hand,  and other online or offline stores have provided buying and selling of old phones in the market. Besides one can also exchange or repair their new smartphones through the official retail stores they have bought by claiming their warranty.

Benefits of Mobile Exchange in Nepal

There are many mobile exchange offers provided officially by Smartphone companies as well. Generally, all these offers and shops have the same process on how to provide mobile exchange offers. Usually, an old phone is evaluated and exchanged with a new smartphone on a certain price segment that is lower than the original price. This way it’s not only cheaper but your old phones will be recycled and someone who is seeking out your phone can have his/her purchase as well. 

List of Mobile Exchange Platform in Nepal

In the context of Nepal, we have enlisted some of the present Mobile exchange in Nepal service providers. Let’s check them out.

1. Arko phone 

Arko Phone is one of the most popular online sites for mobile exchange in Nepal. The Arko Phone lets users exchange their old phone with a new Samsung phone. Arko Phone has its step-by-step process and customers will have to visit Arko Phone retail stores for it. One must first add their old smartphone’s valuation along with their details and then confirm their valuation. With that users will be given a Unique token valid for 7 days. Users can now visit their nearest Samsung retail store to provide the token and select their new phone. 

Arko phone best Mobile exchange in Nepal

2. Online Sathi

Online Sathi is another platform for mobile exchange in Nepal but also is an eCommerce online shopping website. The online platform also provides easy steps for Mobile exchange. Also, there are EMI facilities as well. To exchange your old smartphones one must simply visit and click on Mobile Exchange Banner. Fill out the form with details and await a call from Online Sathi representatives.

Online Sathi

Challenges Faced by Mobile Exchange in Nepal

The mobile exchange system in Nepal is currently in its nascent stage, and there are several roadblocks in its implementation. One of the primary challenges is the lack of widespread financial literacy and digital literacy among the population. Additionally, there is less awareness about the benefits of mobile exchange, and many people still have trust issues with digital financial transactions. The government of Nepal should take initiatives to educate people about the use of digital financial services and build trust towards Mobile exchange.

Mobile Exchange in Nepal: A Boon in Disguise Amid COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Nepal’s economy, and businesses have been temporarily shut down due to lockdown and lack of liquidity. However, as a silver lining, the pandemic has also led to an increase in the adoption of digital financial services, including mobile exchange, as people tend to avoid physical transactions. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an opportunity for Nepal to switch to a digital ecosystem and ensure financial inclusion for all.


What are your thoughts on Mobile exchange in Nepal?

These were the two popular online sites that we have enlisted however you can also opt for retail stores and other offline stores that accept mobile exchange processes.  Do check out any of the new phone’s details and functions before getting a new one. 

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