Mobiles on EMI in Nepal [Best Guide For 2024]

mobiles on emi in nepal

Mobiles on EMI in Nepal

EMI or Equated monthly installment is a popular payment choice where a certain amount of money is paid every month with an interest rate by a borrower to the lender until totally cleared, EMI payment has now expanded on mobile and gadgets payments as well,  with collaboration of many financial banks. There are many EMI schemes provided by respective banks but the 0% EMI scheme has also grabbed the attention of the market. Many smartphone brands in Nepal are offering 0 % EMI on their smartphone series.

Credit card EMI Loan is also another process to talk about in EMI Process. Credit card holders can immediately use their set limit and then can repay in installments during a certain period. 

The Rise of EMI Phone in Nepal

Advancements in mobile phone technology have revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and play. However, buying a new phone can be a major investment, especially in developing countries like Nepal. The recent emergence of EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) phones has provided an affordable option for Nepalese consumers who may not have the financial means to pay upfront

There are many EMI service providers in the context of Nepal. However, since this article is based on Mobiles on EMI, here are some of the EMI service providers in Nepal.

1. Samsung Plaza 

Samsung Plaza’s official store for Samsung products in Nepal also provides EMI service in Nepal for customers to purchase their new Samsung products. Samsung Plaza has partnered with Hulas Fin Serve for the EMI facilities. Through Samsung Plaza, customers can enjoy benefits such as No Credit Card, Affordable Monthly Payments, Financial Flexibility, and many more. Besides Hulas Fin serve, Samsung Plaza also provides emi services through banks like Nabil Bank, NMB Bank, Global IME Bank and etc.


mobiles on emi in nepal, emi phone in nepal


2. EvoStore 

Evo store is another service store for EMI as well and has quite many EMI benefits such as zero down payments, low-interest rates, offer prices, and many more users to enjoy their purchases. EMI on credit cards is now available on Evostore through partners such as Nabil Bank, Siddhartha Bank, NMB Bank, Sanima Bank, Kumari Bank, and other many sites from where credit card holders can use their Installment EMI facilities. 

3. Fatafat sewa 

Fatafat Sewa is also providing Mobiles on EMI in Nepal in collaboration with 12 banks. The site has the services of 0% EMI for users to buy any smartphones from companies like  Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO, and other renowned brands. Users will have to purchase any product besides a smartphone with a minimum cost above 15,000 with payment tenors from 6 to 18 months. Enjoy benefits like zero percent EMI, no down payment, home delivery, and similar with Fatafat sewa.

4. A to Z Online Bazar

A to Z online Bazar another popular online shopping site has a grand EMI scheme as well. The Site has approved banking partners for EMI as well as non-credit card mei loan services both. Monthly installments can be done between 6 months to 18 months period while the without credit card scheme is provided through Samriddhi Finance for SFCL trusted old Customer Only with 6 to 24 months duration. 

5. Choicemandu 

Choicemandu has its own solution for Mobiles on EMI in Nepal. Customers can choose a range of products including smartphones, television, household products, and many other products. Through choice and customers can choose only one product at a time and has a simple process where customers have to fill up the form along with the delivery address. With the approval of the respective bank, there will be a monthly-based EMI on the credit card account holder.

mobiles on emi in nepal


Whether you’re eyeing the latest flagship or a budget-friendly gem, the world of EMI phones in Nepal invites you to experience cutting-edge technology without compromising your financial stability.

What are your thoughts on Mobiles on EMI in Nepal? 

These were some of the Service providers for Mobiles on EMI in Nepal. In the current scenario, EMI has been a popular and easy payment concept for people to purchase. So there is no doubt there are multiple platforms providing EMI. 

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