Motorbikes rent in Kathmandu 

Motorbikes rent in kathmandu

Motorbikes rent in Kathmandu 

Motorbikes are one of the great ways for traveling to destinations and exploring faraway attractions. While other means of transportation are available, traveling by motorcycle is more convenient and flexible. So no doubt motorbike renting has been an active service, especially in travel-packed countries like Nepal.

Those who dont own specific motorbikes can now enjoy the service of Renting motorbikes in Nepal as well. There are many rental services offered by such service providers and cost differs from motorbikes, rental period, and individual requirements. So, if you’re looking for the top Motorbikes to rent in Kathmandu, we have gathered the top 4 in Nepal. 

B.S Motorbikes comes at the top game for motorbikes rent in Kathmandu and has reliable services for anyone to rent bikes for any time they want. The bike rental offers various rental programs for motorbikes from brands like Bajaj, Honda, KTM Dukes, Yamaha, scooters, and many more. Besides the obvious rental services, B.S. Motorbike offers motorbike tours such as the Upper and lower mustang tour, Skyline Tour, Tibet Tour, Muktinath Tour, and many more.  

Another popular name in this area is the City Motorbike, a mobile rental service established in 2015. The rental service is compiled of professionals, mechanics, and guides to ensure the best service on motorbike rentals. City Motorbike offers to rent bikes from Honda, Bajaj, Yamaha, royal enfield, and other brands. You can also check out their Bike tours on the Nepal tour, Sagarmatha tour, Tibet tour, and many more guides tour.

Next on the list we have Bikmandu, providing similar motorbike rental services for traveling and motorbike enthusiasts. Besides the general services, Bikemandu also offers motorcycle tours as well as actively supports social work as well with the aim of providing educational support to children from remote areas. There are multiple Bikes available from Bikemandu which can be checked out from their website. 

Vivaan Adventures has a wide range of motorbikes for rental services as well from Cheap options as well as dirt and sports bikes as well. Available bike brands from Vivaan Adventures are Bajaj, Crossfire, TVS Apache, KTM Duke, Royal Enfield, and Yamaha. Vivaan has made the rental very easy with a simple process and documentation where individuals will have to bring the required documents and visit their office. 

motorbikes rent in kathmandu

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These were the top picks for the Motorbikes rent in Kathmandu with their features. Check out our website for more similar automobile updates and content. 

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