Best Movie Halls in Kathmandu

Best Movie Halls in Kathmandu

Are you thinking of spending your day off with some cinema time? But don’t know which movie halls are the best to enjoy your movies? Don’t worry, In this article, we have listed some of the best movie halls in Kathmandu for you to check out. So let’s immediately dive into the top 5 picks.

Top 5 Movie Halls in Kathmandu

  • Cine de Chef

Cine de Chef is our first pick for the best movie halls in Kathmandu offering one of the best cinema experiences. The Cine de Chef’s main highlight is the Cine de Dine which combines the cinema experience with food dining services as well. The halls truly include advanced technology from the leather recliners chair with a back massager and touch sensor, Christie Digital Projectors as well as Meyer exp sound system.

Available locations:

Civil Trade Center, Sundhara

  • Durbar Cinemax

For a luxurious approach, Durbar Cinemax can be the perfect choice. The cinema hall is the perfect combination for a premium experience and the best quality services. The Durbar Cinemax is equipped with advanced technology, screens, laser projectors, and a Dolby sound system for an amazing cinema experience. The cinema hall is currently operated under the Guna group.

Available locations:

 Durbar Mall, Durbar Marg

  • QFX cinema 

One of the most famous cinema theatre chains in Nepal, QFX Cinema is a must on the list of best movie halls in Kathmandu. The theatre offers 4K projection for outstanding picture quality. The cinema offers a 3D screen with Depth Q 3D technology along with Dolby Atmos for a more cinematic real-life experience. QFX cinema was the first to introduce online booking for movie tickets as well. 

Available locations: 

Labim Mall, Lalitpur

Durbar Cinemax, Durbar Marg

Bageshowri, Nepalgunj

Chaya Center, Thamel

Civil Mall, Sundhara

Krishna Hall Road, Birtamode

Bhatehateni, Biratnagar

Bhatehateni, Bhaktapur

Bhatehateni, Butwal

Apex Mall, Damauli

  • Fcube cinemas

Fcube Cinema is another popular and rising chain in Nepal as a movie theatre and is our second pick for the best cinema halls in Kathmandu. The Fcube cinema halls are well equipped with digital 2K projection view and  Dolby 3 Ware Digital sound systems for a truly advanced visual and sound experience along with comfy seats as well. There’s also a snack corner as well.  

Available locations: 

KL Tower, Chucheypati

  • Big movies

The final pick for the best movie halls in Kathmandu is the Big Movies theatres, Nepal’s first Multiplex cinema with 3 screenings and highly equipped auditoriums. The halls are equipped with BARCO 2K Digital Projection System, Crystal Clear DTS Sound System, and DOLBY ATMOS. The halls also screen 3D effects as well. 

Available locations:

Kamal Pokhari, City center 

What are your thoughts on the best Movie Halls in Kathmandu?

These were the top picks for the best movie halls in Kathmandu along with their details. For similar entertainment recommendations do check out our website

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