My Career Nepal – Story about a Visionary Recruitment Startup


Miss Shristi is a woman of ambition, an indomitable spirit with a vision that could transform the lives of countless individuals seeking a place in the professional world. Her mission is to bridge the gap between talented individuals and organizations hungry for fresh talent. Fueled by a desire to create an efficient recruitment process, she founded “My Career Nepal.”

The spark that ignited My Career Nepal came from a profound realization that the industry in Nepal had a significant loophole. Companies in the country were growing rapidly, with numerous vacancies to fill, but they often found themselves losing great candidates due to the poor screening and interviewing processes employed by many recruitment agencies. It was a frustrating dilemma for both employers and potential employees. Shristi knew that something needed to change.

The Visionary Founding

With unwavering determination, Shristi set out to disrupt the status quo. My Career Nepal was born with the singular goal of ensuring that no promising candidate slipped through the cracks in Nepal’s booming job market. The early days were challenging, as any entrepreneurial endeavor would be. Shristi poured her heart and soul into the company, building a team of dedicated individuals who shared her vision. They began with a simple yet revolutionary approach: To source, screen, and match great talents with the perfect organizations.

My career Nepal: recruitment agency in nepal

In a bustling office in the heart of Kathmandu, the My Career Nepal team worked tirelessly. They didn’t just glance at resumes and skim through interviews; they dove deep into understanding the aspirations, skills, and dreams of each job seeker. The screening process was rigorous, but it was this very rigor that set My Career Nepal apart.

Meanwhile, companies soon realized that they could trust My Career Nepal to deliver them candidates who weren’t just suitable but exceptional. The word spread like wildfire in Nepal’s corporate circles, and My Career Nepal soon became the go-to destination for all their hiring needs. Shristi’s vision was taking shape.


The industry is now transforming as companies now have a reliable partner in their quest for top-tier talent. And talented individuals, who were once lost in the vast sea of job openings, finally found their way to the perfect career paths.

One by one, great companies are now partnering with My Career Nepal and so far companies like EB Pearls, Percoid IT Solutions, Webo Digital, Ek Ghanti, F1soft are already working with My Career Nepal to fulfill their hirings and so far My Career Nepal has been able to provide them with some quality hirings. My Career Nepal has now became a beacon of hope in Nepal’s job market, a place where dreams met reality, and where the true potential of individuals was recognized.

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