Top Ten Nursing Colleges in Nepal 

Top Ten Nursing Colleges in Nepal

Top Ten Nursing Colleges in Nepal 

Nursing has always been one of the top acknowledged and popular courses globally and the same goes in the context of Nepal. Such Health workers have highly demanded in the nations growing health sector and international demands as well. The course is usually a high demand among female students and courses available in Nepa are PCL Nursing and BSc Nursing. These courses are provided by affiliated universities such as KU, TU, Purbanchal University, and Pokhara University.

So are you thinking of joining a Nursing college and getting a nursing degree? Don’t worry 

In this article, we will guide you to the top Nursing Colleges in Nepal along with their details and facilities offered by respective colleges. So let’s immediately dive in !!

1. Kathmandu Medical College 

Kathmandu Medical College comes top on our list of nursing colleges in Nepal offering many medical courses both undergraduate as well as postgraduate programs numerous courses such as BNS, BDS, BSc, and MSc in nursing, MD in Anaesthesiology, Biochemistry, dermatology, Gynecology, and many more to choose from. The college is providing nursing courses affiliated with Kathmandu University and is approved by Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) for master’s as well as bachelor’s.

Address: K.M.C., Sinamangal, Kathmandu,   

Phone: 01-4469063, 4476152

Address: Duwakot, Bhaktapur  

Phone: 01-6616781, 6611757,


2. Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences 

Kathmandu School of medical sciences is one of the top nursing colleges in Nepal providing medical assistance and academics in fields like nursing, medicine, dental, and other sectors. The institution was formed between Kathmandu University and Dhulikhel Hospital both nonprofit alliances that aimed to provide Quality health education with modern equipped infrastructures, expert faculties, and the right school environment. The nursing program was introduced to provide nursing practice, education, administration, and research to future health force workers.

Address: Dhulikhel ,Kavre

Phone: +977-011-490577


3. B.P Koirala Institute of health sciences

B.P Koirala Institue located in the eastern part of Nepal was established in 1993 and named after the leader Bisheshwar Prasad Koirala. The Institue has been an exemplary foundation that has been providing health services and working on research and health force to supply the nation’s demands. Presently the College of Nursing has been providing courses like BSc nursing, BN M.Sc, with a Ph.D. in the pipeline. The college is providing well-managed accommodation, teaching, and staff faculty members with the latest facilities. 

Address: Dharan, Nepal

Phone: 977-25-525555


4.Chitwan medical college 

Chitwan medical college is a strong educational foundation that has been providing different World Class Health Professional Education in the fields of Medicine and allied sciences, Dental Science, Nursing, Public health, and many more. Established in 2006, the Medical College has been providing international-level courses with medical professionals and practitioners The Department of School on Nursing provides undergraduate and post-graduate programs such as B.Sc Nursing, BNS, and MN on Women’s Health, Adult Health, child health, and Psychiatric Nursing as well. 

Contact Information

Address: Bharatpur-5, Kailash Nagar, Chitwan                             

Phone:  (+977) 056-493111.


5. National Academy Medical Science  

NAMS or National Academy of Medical Science has established in 2046 BS when Bir Hospital the oldest in the nation, restarted the nursing program under Tribhuvan University. The foundation now aims to provide higher education in the field of Medicine to produce a highly skilled human resource for the nation. To fulfill the nation’s growing demand for human health sectors and resources, NAMS continues to deliver higher education and medical services with teaching, learning, and research from sub-regional, regional, and local bodies. 

Address: Mahaboudha, Kathmandu, 



6. Nepal Institute of health sciences 

Nepal Institute of health sciences is reputed as one of the top institutions providing academic courses on health sciences, environment, and development studies. In the field of nursing, the college is providing courses like BSc Nursing, BPNS, and PCL NSG affiliated with Purbanchal University. With such courses, graduates will be able to fulfill the responsibility of nursing care provider or middle-level health care manager, faculty member, and basic-level researcher as well.

Contact Information

Address: Gokarneswor-05, Jorpati, Kathmandu                          

Phone:  01-4917557, 4917558


7. Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences (NAIHS) 

NAIHS is another top nursing college that is a must on the list of best nursing colleges in Nepal and is a nonprofit organization of the Welfare Fund of the Nepali Army. The Institute was established to develop well-skilled and professional human resources in the field of medical education in the nations. The programs are supported by the departments of nursing care PCL Nursing, Bachelor in Nursing Science (BNS), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Nursing, and Master in Nursing (MN).

Contact Information

Address: Bhandarkhal, Sanobharyang, Kathmandu                   

Phone: +977-1-4881259


8.Maharajgunj Nursing Campus 

Maharajgung Nursng campus is one of the best-dedicated nursing colleges in Nepal with the mission to produce nursing and midwifery human resources for the country’s growing health sectors. The campus mission is to promote nursing knowledge and research with the collaboration of national or international institutes. The college has been providing Academic programs for bachelors including BNS and B.Sc  in nursing, Master and even Ph.D. as well.

Address: Maharajgunj, Kathmandu

Phone: 014518672


9. Pokhara Nursing Campus

Pokhara Nursing Campus affiliated with Tribhuvan University was established in 1982 in Pokhara and adds as one of the best nursing colleges in Nepal. The college has expanded its programs such as Bachelor in Nursing Science (BNS), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Nursing, and Master in Nursing (MN) with the  PCL Nursing being stopped in 2018 A.D. The college has been one of the top academic centers providing quality academic courses to prepare well-skilled human resources while continuing to provide compassionate health care.

Address: Pokhara-12, Ramghat

Phone: +977-61-521961

10. Om Health Campus

Om Health campus located in Chabahil, Kathmandu is providing various courses on Nursing as well as public health like B.Sc Nursing, PBN, and BPH. These courses are provided to produce highly skilled graduates who can develop and provide health manpower from the national as well as international zones. Established in 1998 A.D., the college has been running and continuously providing health education to meet the nation’s need for the development of health sectors with the required manpower. 

Contact Information

Address: Gopikrishnanagar, Chabahil, Kathmandu                 

Phone:  +977-1-4822451




Top Ten Nursing Colleges in Nepal

What are your thoughts on the best Nursing colleges in Nepal?

So these were the top picks for our Top ten best Nursing colleges in Nepal !! While these are a few selected top colleges, there are still other options you can check out. Just make sure you do your proper research on the institution and the facilities they are offering. 

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