Organic Products Made In Nepal

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Organic Products Made In Nepal

Organic Products Made In Nepal scene is experiencing a remarkable resurgence, thanks to the passion and creativity of its young population. With nearly 70% of Nepalese under the age of 35, this youthful energy is transforming the landscape of products made in Nepal. Returning entrepreneurs, armed with experiences and savings from overseas work, are driving this resurgence, fostering a renaissance in traditional craftsmanship and the creation of globally competitive products labeled “Made in Nepal.”

Access to credit has been a game-changer, allowing local artisans and manufacturers to dream big and experiment with innovative techniques. Financial institutions in Nepal now specifically support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), empowering them to reach wider audiences. Additionally, youth-led organizations like Viruwa Venture and initiatives such as the Business Oxygen fund provide crucial support, guiding entrepreneurs through the challenging startup phase and further propelling the Nepal-made product movement.

In this vibrant ecosystem, each Nepal-made product tells a story, showcasing the nation’s rich culture and the ingenuity of its young entrepreneurs. Together, they symbolize the resilience and innovative spirit of Nepal on a global scale, making “Made in Nepal” a mark of quality and creativity.

Here are some of the descripted list of organic product made in Nepal;


In response to growing consumer concerns about the origins of their food, there has been a significant uptick in the demand for organic produce, including vegetables, fruits, and various other food products. This heightened interest has led to the emergence of numerous businesses claiming to offer organic and pesticide-free options. Among these enterprises, Kathmandu Organics stands out as a notable player, having garnered a strong reputation for its commitment to delivering Organic Products Made In Nepal and pesticide-free produce directly to customers’ doorsteps.


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Founded in 2017 by Bhuwan KC and Nisha KC, Kathmandu Organics is a leading online marketplace in Nepal, specializing in local, organic, and handmade products sourced from 40 diverse districts across the country. Through strategic partnerships with farmers, cooperatives, and entrepreneurs, the company has built a sustainable and ethical supply chain. This initiative promotes healthy and environmentally responsible choices while boosting local agriculture and economic development.

Kathmandu Organics not only offers a wide range of organic products made in Nepal food but has also expanded into skincare products, catering to the growing demand for natural and eco-friendly self-care solutions. These locally made skincare items reflect traditional knowledge and sustainable practices, aligning with conscious consumer values. By supporting local entrepreneurs and cooperatives, Kathmandu Organics contributes to the promotion of sustainable living in Nepal, offering customers a holistic and ethical way to access high-quality, culturally rich products.


We delve into a world that transcends the boundaries of business—it’s a journey born from the ever-growing healthy lifestyle movement. At its helm is the visionary founder and CEO, Ankit Rateria, who envisioned a brand that seamlessly interweaves ancient wisdom and practices of natural living into our contemporary lives. Naturo Earth is not merely a business; it’s a labor of love, driven by the desire to shape modern living with revitalizing, healthy, and fulfilling experiences inspired by the pristine beauty of the Himalayas.

A logo showing organic product made in nepal

Naturo Earth is your go-to destination for holistic and sustainable living. They offer a diverse range of authentic, organic products, from teas and spices to personal care items like handcrafted soaps, essential oils, and body scrubs. Their commitment goes beyond product sourcing, as they are deeply connected with Himalayan farmers and artisans, empowering them to curate a unique collection of organic goods while reducing their environmental footprint through eco-friendly packaging.

What sets Naturo Earth apart is their unwavering dedication to authenticity and organic living. They trust in the fertile soil, pure provenance, and artisanal skills of the Himalayan region to provide meticulously curated organic products. Naturo Earth’s mission is to infuse the elements of nature into their products, drawing inspiration from ancient traditions and natural ingredients. They pride themselves on being a brand that’s handmade with love, vegetarian, 100% natural, sustainable, and cruelty-free, making them a leading choice for those seeking a wellness-focused lifestyle. Welcome to Naturo Earth, where tradition meets the future of wellness.


In a world where clean water is increasingly scarce, Nepal faces its own challenges with access to safe drinking water. One innovative Nepali startup, Best Paani, has been tackling this issue since its establishment in 2015. Led by Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer Gokul Dangal, who has a background in Water Management, and Co-founder and Managing Director Sajal Pradhan, the company offers rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge, and water purification services through organic filtration.

A logo showing organic product made in nepal

Rainwater harvesting involves collecting, filtering, and storing rainwater for various uses. The process includes rooftop harvesting, where rainwater is cleaned and filtered before storage. This water can be used for tasks like washing and cleaning, with excess water directed underground to replenish groundwater.

Best Paani also provides non-electric, non-chemical water filtration services, including basic filtration, intermediate filtration for micro-pollutants, and advanced filtration using bio-sand filters. This method ensures clean drinking water for up to 15 months and helps augment local groundwater levels.

Despite initial skepticism about the lack of minerals in rainwater, Best Paani emphasizes the sustainability and ecosystem benefits of their approach. The cost of installing these systems varies depending on factors like catchment area, storage capacity, and the number of residents but starts at around Rs 60,000.As you may seem them as a re branding company as they use water as their product but they also provide a huge variety of exclusives organic products made in Nepal.

By promoting rainwater utilization, Best Paani is contributing to a long-term solution to Nepal’s water challenges, ensuring access to clean drinking water and a healthier environment.


Founded by Dr Prativa Pandey, Herveda Botanicals is a groundbreaking all-natural skincare brand, blending the rich heritage of Himalayan herbs with cutting-edge innovations in the skincare industry. Founded by the accomplished Dr. Prativa Pandey, a highly acclaimed research scientist and entrepreneur, the brand emerged as an offshoot of Catalyst Technology. Driven by a profound desire to uplift local communities and address challenges within the medicinal and aromatic plant (MAPs) value chain in Nepal, Herveda Botanicals combines scientific expertise with traditional knowledge. Dr. Pandey’s journey began in 2015, inspired by the potent MAPs of Nepal and a vision to bridge gaps in the industry.

A logo showing organic product made in nepal

She embarked on a comprehensive exploration of Nepal, engaging with local practices such as Ayurveda and Aamchi. This immersive experience fueled her commitment to crafting skincare solutions that are not only effective but also environmentally and socially responsible. Herveda Botanicals, born from over four years of rigorous research and development, represents the harmonious union of science, tradition, and ethical entrepreneurship, offering consumers innovative and natural products sourced from the heart of the Himalayas. They also provide a huge variety of exclusives organic products made in Nepal.

Herveda Botanicals had its origins as an innovative branch of Catalyst Technology. Dr. Pandey identified numerous challenges within the cosmetics and skincare industry and, following over four years of dedicated research and development on medicinal and aromatic plants in Nepal, introduced Herveda Botanicals’ offerings to the market. This “100% natural” skincare brand has forged robust business and technical partnerships with research institutions, private enterprises, and local farmers and cooperatives, all geared towards ensuring the delivery of top-tier services and products. Herveda Botanicals is committed to pioneering novel technologies and product offerings in the realms of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and pharmaceuticals and also giving priority to organic products made in Nepal.

In conclusion, organic products made in Nepal is capturing a unique blend of traditional wisdom and modern sustainability in the market. With a commitment to preserving the environment, supporting local communities, and harnessing the rich natural resources of this beautiful Himalayan nation, these organic products made in Nepal not only promote health and well-being but also represent a conscientious choice for consumers worldwide. As Nepal’s organic industry continues to grow, it not only provides high-quality goods but also contributes to a greener and more equitable future. To get this type of updates and news follow our website for more information.

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