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Best Accessories For Men In Nepal

With the best accessories for men in Nepal, where tradition meets modern flair, we are here to make you explore a world of elegance and sophistication. Invest in classic pieces that capture the spirit of Nepalese craftsmanship to elevate your outfit. Discover a world of beautiful style as you adorn yourself with the most precious accessories for men, honouring the union of modern and traditional design right in the heart of Nepal.

This blog features some of the top brands regarding accessories for men in Nepal, where to get the best men’s accessories.

Brands Famous- Best Accessories For Men In Nepal

1. Jai Krishna Nandini

In 2005, Jai Krishna Nandini opened its first store in New Roads Bishal Bazar. Mr. Rajkumar Sahawala, the owner, used to manage the retail business exclusively. The company was only offline throughout that period, but revenues were strong. However, the digital world has been expanding rapidly over time. His children’s involvement in the company helped it grow to new heights and establish an online presence for the convenience of its customers. Now, it has been a famous store in Bishal Bazar for its best service and quality products.

The brand focuses on creating accessories that combine new, modern, and traditional elements. The items that complete your look and add modern flair while preserving your culture and customs. In addition to having a fully functional physical store where you can visit and explore the product selection, they also operate a 24/7 internet store. This brand is so called best accessories for men in Nepal.

jai krishna nandini as Best Accessories For Men In Nepal

It has everything available for both men and women, including:

  • Rudraksha beads of various kinds.
  • Pearls.
  • Stones representing sun signs.
  • The traditional khukuri symbol as a locket or brooch.
  • Any kind of traditional silver items and so on.
  • It also produces a wide range of new, latest and trending accessories, such as the men’s chakra bracelet according to their sun signs.
  • Chains, rings in gold, silver, panchdhatu and numerous other accessories.
  • Additionally, it adjusts to your preferences. Any kind of design that is selected by you can be designed.
  • Their customer service is excellent and they provide everything you need.

2. White Tara

Established in Nepal, White Tara is an only-men clothing brand owned by Arun Bhagat and Sushil Sainju. In December 2012, White Tara opened its first location in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur.

White Tara men clothing brand as Best Accessories For Men In Nepal

Customers of White Tara have come to know the brand as one that consistently offers high-quality goods. The brand is mostly recognised for its:

  • Leather items
  • fitted suits
  • Italian-fabric dress pants
  • and trench coats.

Their best-selling items include their suits, travel wallet and leather backpack. A little backstory about the company: White Tara was founded in 2012 as a result of Bhagat’s difficulty to obtain fashionable, high-quality menswear in Nepal after his return from Australia. Thus, he claims, he made the decision to make them himself.

white tara accessories brand products in Nepal as Best Accessories For Men In Nepal

For a year, Bhagat—who was employed as an interior designer prior to launching his own company—made exclusively garments and accessories for himself. Later, in order to execute the idea of White Tara, he teamed up with his high school buddy Sainju, a software developer professionally.
Currently White Tara has become the best place for Men’s accessories.

3. Gurkha Watch

Gurkha watches are the perfect example for a traditional and modern mix of accessories. The Gurkha Watch is a technologically advanced watch with a clever mechanism that represents more than 200 years of bravery and tremendous heroism displayed by the brave Gurkha soldiers in various conflict zones and peacekeeping operations. This brand is top accessories for men in Nepal.

Gurkha Jewellers UK developed and introduced 200 Khukuri Cross Gurkha watches in the UK to honour their service and sacrifice. With millions of former British servicemen living there, the initial version of these watches achieved rapid market penetration and the fastest sales in the nation.

What’s More?

  • This watch is dedicated to the Gurkha soldiers and their families who gave up priceless family time to serve The Crown and humanity, and who never came back.
  • 2015 marked the end of the Gurkhas’ 200-year service to the Crown. Additionally, this year commemorated 20 years of Gurkha service in international peacekeeping missions.
  • It is a symbol of the Gurkhas, who are referred to as “The Bravest of the Brave” around the world. They have laughed at every challenge, remained brave amid hunger, thirst, and wounds, and fought fearlessly in the hardest of conflicts.

Gurkha Watch as Best Accessories For Men In Nepal


Discover the best accessories for men in Nepal, blending tradition with modern flair. In the world of men’s accessories, the varied fabric of style keeps changing, skillfully fusing traditional and modern components. A variety of tastes is catered to by the accessories landscape, which features everything from classic leather belts and wristwatches to cutting-edge cufflinks and men’s jewellery. This mix gives people a way to show their individuality while also reflecting the ever-evolving nature of fashion. Men who wear a variety of accessories make a statement with each piece, creating a story about their own sense of style.

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