Top IT colleges in Kathmandu 2024

Top IT Colleges in Kathmandu Nepal

Top It Colleges in Kathmandu

IT or Information technology has been currently reigning in the education sector of many Nepalese students. Information technology deals with overall computer basics such as hardware, programming, networking, coding, website development, engineering, software, and similar ideas. IT knowledge is one of the most important assets, looking at the current development scenario and in the context of Nepal growing rapidly. So there’s no doubt why there is so much IT influence and interest in the current education scenario.

There are many IT colleges currently available in Kathmandu for individuals to immediately start learning. Let’s immediately look at the Top IT colleges in Kathmandu. 

1. ISMT college 

ISMT College established in 2011 comes on our number one pick for the top IT colleges in Kathmandu. The college offers a wide range of Internationally recognized and cost-effective IT programs like the BSc (Hons) in Computer Systems Engineering which dives into areas like software engineering, networking, Data Technology, and many more. The college envisions providing a strong education platform to the future leading IT professionals capable of working in any part of the world.

Contact Information

Address: Tinkune, Gairigaun

Phone: 01-4112122


2. THAMES International college 

THAMES International College comes next on the list, where the college offers undergraduate programs like Bachelor of Information Management and Computer Application. Such courses catch up on overall topics such as software, databases, networking, cybersecurity, and cloud computing. Thames can be one of the top choices for those who are eager to invest their career in IT sectors and future technology departments.

Contact Information

Address: Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Phone: 9886049919


3. Islington college 

Islington College has won the spot for our top IT colleges in Kathmandu. The college provides many bachelor’s as well as master’s courses in fields like computing, Computer Networking, IT security, Artificial Intelligence, IT and applied security and others you can check out. The college adopts its unique L-T-W teaching approach, Lecture, Tutorial, and Workshop along with an updated curriculum for a stimulating teaching approach.

Contact Information

Address:  Kamal Pokhari, Kathmandu

Phone: 01-5970012, 9801042242,9801000400

Email: info@islingtoncollege

4. The British college 

The British College is also a must for the top IT colleges in Kathmandu list and offers a range of IT and computer Courses. This includes a BSc in computing, a BSc in Computer Science-Artificial intelligence, a BSc in data science, a BSc in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, an MSc in Information and Technology, etc.  These courses are designed to shape students on their path to Leading IT experts with good knowledge of various aspects of Computing and Technical information. The college operates various programs in partnership with foreign universities enforcing the best study environment and methods for IT enthusiasts. 

Contact Information

Address: Trade Tower, Thapa Thali

Phone:+977 (1) 5970003


5. KCMIT College 

KCMIT College comes next for our top IT colleges in Kathmandu and is currently providing BCA courses. The course provided helps student build their technical knowledge of software development through theoretical as well as practical methods.

The college welcomes eligible students who have qualified PCL or 10+2 with a minimum 2 CGPA grades while maintaining at least a D+ in a single Subject on their Admissions for BCA courses. The college ensures that this program can later help students continue their master’s degrees at MIT, MBA, and MCA.

Contact Information

Address: Mid-Baneshwar, Basuki Marga, Kathmandu,

Phone: +977-1-4479939


What are your thoughts on the Top IT colleges in Kathmandu?

So these were the top picks for our Top IT colleges in Kathmandu!! While these are a few selected top colleges, there are still other options you can check out. Just make sure you do your proper research on the institution and the facilities they are offering.

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