Top Skin Hospital In Kathmandu 2024

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Top Skin Hospital In Kathmandu

Are you skin-sensitive? 

The skincare sector in Kathmandu, Nepal, is supported by a number of dermatology-focused clinics and hospitals with specialties. These facilities provide a wide range of services, such as consultations, treatments, and surgical procedures, guaranteeing patients seeking answers for skin-related issues ensuring comprehensive care.

Well-known top skin hospital in Kathmandu frequently have cutting-edge equipment, modern facilities, and skilled physicians to treat a variety of skin conditions. Services may include the medical and cosmetic aspects of dermatology, with an emphasis on treating ailments like psoriasis, acne, eczema, and more.

Notably, Kathmandu’s skincare industry is developing, and these hospitals and clinics are essential to the community’s access to high-quality medical treatment. This blog article showcases our selection of top Skin Hospital in Kathmandu. So, Let’s jump in!

List of Top Skin Hospital in Kathmandu

1. Nepal Skin Hospital

One of Kathmandu’s top hospitals for skin care is Nepal Skin Hospital. “Nepal Skin Hospital And Aesthetic Centre- “The Skin Care You Deserve” is the hospital’s slogan. With a focus on sophisticated dermatologic laser procedures, plastic and cosmetic surgery, and skin care, they provide their clients with the best services available.

Nepal Skin, which is situated in New Baneshwor, the center of Kathmandu, one of top skin hospital in Kathmandu, is well-known for its patient-centered philosophy and staff of highly skilled and experienced specialists. With the newest technology available, the hospital provides an all-in-one solution for everything from skin and hair issues to STIs and cosmetic problems.

Nepal skin hospital as top skin hospital in Kathmandu

Over the past ten years, Nepal Skin has emerged as the go-to option for dermatological care due to the trust of over 1,20,000 patients and its reputation as the most well-equipped dermatological institution in Nepal.

The hospital offers a variety of cutting-edge therapies, including:

  • Botox
  • Skin Biopsy
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Hair Transplant
  • Vagina Rejuvenation
  • Chemical Peeling
  • Derma roller etc.

Contact Details

Address: Krishna Tower, Bijuli Bazaar, New Baneshwor infornt of, Kathmandu

Phone: 01-5905344

2. Korean Skin Clinic

Korean Skin Clinic is one of the best skin clinics in Nepal. It is also recognized as one of top skin hospital in Kathmandu from past years. They opened their first clinic in 2068 BS and their goal was to offer the greatest skin care services. You can now take advantage of the wide range of medical and cosmetic procedures that Korean Skin Clinic offers to stay youthful and attractive forever.

korean skin care as top skin hospital in Kathmandu

Korean Skin Clinic was founded by Pabi Gurung and provides advanced therapy in dermatology, cosmetics, wrinkle care, pigmentation, acne care, dehydration care, severe dehydration cerements, combination care, and regular care.

Contact Details

Address: City Centre, 1st Floor, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone: 01-4011568

3. Nepal Skin Care Center

Another leading top skin hospital in Kathmandu is “Nepal Skin Care Centre”, a well-known newly opened skin care facility in the center of Kathmandu. Renowned and skilled dermatologists and cosmetologists are on their medical panels. They offer a wide range of skin, hair, and nail care services. The primary goal is to competently meet their patients’ demands.

Dermatologist services, plastic and cosmetic surgery, skin allergy relief, laser therapy for warts, scars, moles, freckles, skin rejuvenation, lipo-laser, weight loss, vaginal tightening, and hair transplantation are just a few of the services they offer. Skin care clinics in Nepal are reputable and equipped with top-notch machinery and the latest technology.

nepal skin care centre as top skin hospital in Kathmandu

They employ cutting-edge technologies such as FUE (hair transplantation), Mesotherapy, Botox, CO2 lasers, ND: YAG laser, Lipo-laser therapy for weight and fat reduction, and many more. They have highly skilled dermatologists, dermatology-laser surgeons, and plastic cosmetic surgeons who are highly recognized worldwide and have treated hundreds of patients.

Why Choose Nepal Skin Care Center as Top Skin Hospital in Kathmandu?

Since the hospital is a patient-focused organization, it provides patients with customization expertise. The Organization’s strengths are its qualified workforce, honesty, prompt implementation, and best-quality services. Their esteemed patients enthusiastically praise and approve of the services.

Contact Details

Address:  Sinamangal Rd 9, Kathmandu 

Phone: 01-4589035

4. DI Skin Hospital & Referral Center (DISHARC)

DI SKIN Hospital and Referral Centre (DISHARC) is a super specialty skin hospital in Nepal providing all kinds of treatment and care for skin, nails, and hair.
They provide advanced medical care and cutting-edge facilities for all patients, irrespective of their circumstances or background.

DI skin hospital and referral center as top skin hospital in Kathmandu

Offering the greatest treatment and care for patients, the hospital boast’s the most skilled and knowledgeable team of dermatologists in the nation. Together, the physicians and specialists form a cohesive team to deliver optimal skin care. In addition to a skilled group of managers, DISHARC has a renowned and experienced group of 13 dermatologists, 4 plastic surgeons, pathologists, and a physician.

  • DISHARC also organizes various international events such as the International Conference on eHealth and Tele-Health (ICEHAT).
  • Under DISHARC’s umbrella, Community Health Education Services by TELECOMMUNICATION (C.H.E.S.T) Nepal is a nonprofit organization. It has been offering healthcare instruction through computers to several stations in Nepal.
  • At DISHARC, they carry out their social obligations by organizing free health camps around Nepal. Additionally, they host various academic events where their board-certified physicians mentor and educate future medical professionals.

the picture displaying the building of DI skin hospital as top skin hospital in Kathmandu

Contact Details

Address: Golfutar Main Rd, Budhanilkantha

Phone: 01-4721900


In conclusion, the rise of specialty for top skin hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal, is an indication that dermatological care is becoming more and more important. The need for early detection and prevention is emphasized about skin health. As Nepal continues to prioritize healthcare infrastructure, the creation of specialized facilities for dermatological problems is in process. Also, ensures that people receive comprehensive and specialized care, representing a good step towards the improvement of healthcare in the nation as a whole.

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