Business under 5 Lakhs in Nepal

A picture showing business under 5 lakhs in nepal

Business under 5 Lakhs in Nepal

Small and smart businesses are soaring up in the Nepali market, Many people are benefitting through such small investments and capital. Since not everyone has the capacity to invest in huge businesses and manpower in Nepal, a lot of entrepreneurs have lots of ideas that they can play with. With the right idea, anyone can grow eventually and have a well-established career in the business sector as well. 

Starting a startup business is an exhilarating journey filled with numerous challenges and opportunities. To kickstart your venture, you should begin with a compelling idea that addresses a pressing problem or need in the market. Extensive market research is essential to validate your concept and understand your target audience’s pain points. Once your idea is solidified, create a comprehensive business plan that outlines your goals, strategies, revenue model, and financial projections. Consider the legal structure of your business and register it accordingly, possibly seeking legal advice.

Funding is a critical aspect; determine how you’ll finance your startup, whether through personal savings, loans, investors, or crowdfunding. Develop your product or service, focusing initially on a minimum viable product (MVP) for testing in the market. Building a strong brand identity and implementing an effective marketing strategy are vital for reaching your target audience. Recruitment of a skilled team, defining roles and responsibilities, and setting up sales and distribution channels follow suit.

So in this article, we will be looking at the top business under 5 lakhs in Nepal

A picture showing business under 5 lakhs in nepal

List of Business under 5 Lakhs in Nepal

Tea shop : 

This was top on the list as the tea business is one of the most popular and stable businesses in nepal. Tea shops and business is found with every step on the streets of nepal, from tea stalls, pasals, or random queries with thermos. The company barely needs 5 lakhs at all, unless you’re planning to invest more in the ambiance and assets to set up a brand-like image for your tea business. But we all can agree tea is best.  

Food stalls:

Like the above category, other food has a wide audience captivity ability, especially street food. This business has no age category, expensive investment, and other such problems. Street foods come in various forms and suit most people’s tastes. Like the above pick, more food will have additional expenses, but the category will suit people thinking of starting a business with 5 lakhs. 

DIY or crafts business : 

There’s no bound for creativity even in the form of business. Craft and handmade projects can be very refreshing and attractive to sell, and many people might be interested in such sellers. These crafts can be handy and less expensive making a major attraction to people or some really unique luxurious creations can diverse the attention of the sell


Dropshipping is another popular business culture that simply follows basic business principles, getting stock, and selling it. However, Dropshipping has a little difference though, unlike regular business, dropshipping is a third-party sale where everything from manufacturing, packaging, and selling is all handled by a wholesaler. The selling part goes to the third party who can benefit from commissions. 

Online content:

In a digital world, there’s no doubt one can benefit from social media sites, websites, YouTube, and such. Having a strongly based business account can be beneficial as a wider audience will gain more popularity and will gain the wider opportunity to collaborate with brands, associations, influencers, and much more. Vlogging, documentary, tech, fashion, art, skill showcase, TikTok, acting, and many more concepts are widely accepted by the general audience. So, Online content can be a very convenient choice. 

These were our top five recommendations on best business under 5 lakhs in nepal. These aren’t rankings since all of them can be beneficial based on different choices and individuals. Check out more business content on our website. 


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